Idyll tower


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Idyll tower

design- Ryszard Rychlicki

World Architecture Community Awards 2009- 5th cycle 

3rd place IDA- International Design Awards, Architecture categories- Conceptual, Los Angeles 2009

One of the biggest problems of modern cities is rapid urbanization, which puts natural green space into further distance. For humans to function properly, their everyday surroundings must include the green parts. Idea of Idyll Tower suggest to change the standard, usual perception of today`s skyscrapers. Imagine, a settlement structure that grows up to form a tower, where every storey is a different garden- a green space. Circulation determines the form of the tower- the various levels diffuse and it`s possible to move freely between them. It is like hiking road in the mountains, which is a big inspiration for this project. The openings in structure of the tower facilitate the process of photosynthesis- rainwater gathering and storing systems irrigate all of the gardens. Plants that filter contaminated air should occupy every storey, assisting natural ventilation. For strong wind protection, it is possible to cover the highest stories with transparent, “breathable” membrane.


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