Instant House- Instant “Lung”



Instant House / “Insatnt Lung” 

design- Ryszard Rychlicki

location- Milan, Italy

year- 2009

project presented on Made Expo 2010 in Milan


The main problem of the INSTANT HOUSE for EXPO is the placement of a house in the context of a motorway, where exhaust fumes and noise are present. This space is obviously not favorable for the proper human functioning. The idea is to combined the INSTANT elements which help people everyday in functioning in great contamination with smog and noise. I transferred the air filtering mask and the sound-proof headphones to the function of the house. The function of an interior was divided into zones, which were indicated by means of one element in the form of a filter. The form consists of 69 elements of glue laminated timber combined with wooden blocks, which create a distance for an appropriate air circulation inside the filter structure. The elements screwed up in one form are coated with a “breathing” filtering material (cotton and felt). The simple closed solid of a house built of precast elements, is to be completely sound-proof. The polluted air is contributing to quick corrosion of building materials, therefore character of precast reinforced concrete elements outside would be integrated with the scenery of the motorway. The light gets inside through the u-glass plane, which has very good sound-proof properties.














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