Open Through – Micro House for Cyclists




Open Through – Micro House for Cyclists

design- Ryszard Rychlicki

location- Chouzé-sur-Loire, France

status- competition entry

year – 2014


Loire & Loges competition for micro-architecture- reinterpreting the typology of the vineyard shelter (with possibility of evolution as night shelter) for cyclists.

Vineyard cabins, or huts, are modest constructions, often reduced to only one room, and intended to meet the needs for the vine growers to eat, shelter or rest. The first appeared in the Loire Valley in the 16th century. Since the beginning of the 20th century they fell in disuse.

In reinterpreting typology of the vineyard shelter an important factor will be a new context. We should consider new function of this object, taking into account elimination of aspect of the work. One of the main aims is to create shelter with possibility of evolution as night shelter for cyclists, but we should also consider how it will function on a daily basis. New shelter should become a meeting point, relaxation and contemplation place in context of the landscape, in which will be placed. Function of the house is divided into two major phases:

1. Open- meeting point, contemplation and relaxation place
2. Closed- night shelter for cyclists

The form is shaped in order to maximally integrated the house with the landscape. Land inclination contributed to breaking the form of the house to four large steps, which define functional solution. In OPEN phase- steps becomes seating area, facing the river allows to enjoy the pleasure of its nearness. In CLOSED phase- four large steps divide the space into places to sleep. Fitting the shape of the house to the sculpture of the land is possible thanks to the wooden beams, properly leveled to the shape of its bottom. Layer of logs is also an extension of shelter steps outside. After setting the house is fixed to the logs.
In open phase form of the house is open through so that invites to use. Sliding steel doors allow to completely close the house at night when it is used as a a shelter for cyclists. In closed phase daylight falls through the skylights on the roof.
















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