Plugin House


plugin house


Plugin House

design- Ryszard Rychlicki & Agnieszka Nowak

location- Gorzew, Poland

status – project

year – 2010


The main issue in the project became the wish of the investor to produce the house at speed. Since part of the structure was to be mobile, it was decided to attach previously prepared ready-made residential modules in order to accelerate the entire investment process. The investor wanted a clear separation of residential functions between parents, children and domestic animals (four dogs), while maintaining a common, open family space. Mobile home units proved to be a good solution within this context. The building was thereby split into following two sections:
1. Common space of the household-called „home backyard”- which forms the core of the building and was constructed by drawing on standard building techniques. It includes all of the technical connections.
2. Private household spaces which were created by using shipping containers (4 ft. x 40 ft. High Cube containers). These were selected primarily for their structural properties.
The investor wanted to build a single-storey house separated from the neighborhood but with a view overlooking the nearby forest. Containers helped to solve this problem since setting these at an angle raised the height of the observation point.


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